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The previous Bain chief who’d been successful Megabites Whitman as Chief executive officer in 2008. But he and the board were built with a arrange for a turnaround. Two subsidiaries of eBay had great potential but weren’t an excellent match its core business: Internet calling service Skype an internet-based-payment pioneer. Spinning them off would raise some welcome cash while freeing eBay to pay attention to its auctions and retail sales. At the start of 2009, the board dicated to divest itself of both units. It was almost a done deal visit the site, Donahoe lately told Fortune.

On April 14, the organization announced its intend to let Skype go. But because the news went, Donahoe was getting second ideas about PayPal. Apple AAPL .22% had just disclosed that it is Application Store had entered the fir-billion-download mark. And due to the soaring recognition from the iPhone, tech executives were urgently pondering the potential for the smartphone like a tool for commerce. PayPal, meanwhile, was the world’s only major digital-payment brand it already had 70 million users, and payment volume was growing 20% yearly.

The greater Donahoe considered, the greater foolish a spin-off appeared. Mobile was exploding, he recalls, and there were apparent synergies between eBay and PayPal. Canvassing board people, he discovered that their ft were as cold as his. Sentiment switched to action: In This summer, in a retreat in the Rosewood Sand Hill, the accommodation in Menlo Park, Calif., where Plastic Valley’s elite swap gossip over Cobb salad, the board rescinded its decision on PayPal, selecting lengthy-term potential more than a short-term fix.

Results like individuals fueled another trend: PayPal was growing noticeably quicker than its parent. In 2013, PayPal revenue leaped 19%, to $6.6 billion, while eBay’s marketplace sales rose only 12%, to $8.3 billion. Investors chafed, as well as in The month of january 2014, activist Carl Icahn known as for any PayPal spin-off, raising arguments the board had considered 5 years earlier-PayPal would fare best individually, and eBay can use cash from the spin-off and away to shore itself up. In June the choice eBay might have produced in 2009 was finalized the board dicated to separate the 2 companies.

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