Secret to making other kinds of subnets

To date I’ve spoken a great deal concerning the ways that subnetting can be used, however i haven’t really spoken by what subnets are or the way they are produced. Subnetting is only a way of breaking a large block of IP addresses into smaller sized blocks you can use to define separate systems. For instance, guess that you could get yourself a class B block of IP addresses at Think the address block that you simply received was 146.100.x.x. Should you owned this specific block of addresses, your default subnet mask could be 255.255… This subnet mask informs TCP/IP the first couple of digits from the Ip would be the network number, and also the latter figures would be the host ID number. Because the latter figures within the Ip may be used to identify individual hosts around the network, your Ip range allows your network to contain as much as 65,534 hosts!

That most likely sounds great initially, but placing 60 5000 hosts on one network segment could be disastrous. For those who have enough hosts to warrant utilizing a class B address, you’d most likely considerably best breaking your single class B address into multiple class C addresses.

The simplest way of using this method would be to alter the subnet mask from 255.255.. to 255.255.255.. This could tell TCP/IP the first three figures within the Ip designate the network area of the address and just the final digit has been utilized as the host address. You would choose a number for that third digit from the first group of IP addresses. You’d most likely want to begin with if the were a genuine existence situation. Therefore, your network number could be 146.100. as well as your hosts with that network would use IP addresses varying from 146.100.. to 146.100..245. Advertising media are from addresses with that block of IP addresses, simply increment the 3rd digit from the Ip by 1 to define a brand new network segment. After that you can create hosts with IP addresses varying from 146.100.1. to

The process which i just demonstrated you is effective if you wish to evenly split a category A or perhaps a class B address block. Sometimes though, you may want to split a category C address block, or might need to divide a category A or perhaps a Class B address in a manner that will give you pretty much addresses than you can get should you used the above mentioned technique.

Within the above example, the figures within the subnet mask were either 255 or these were zero. These figures are really produced from eight bit binary values. In binary math. Whenever we altered among the figures within the subnet mask from to 255, i was borrowing eight bits in the address space. The secret to making other kinds of subnets would be to understand that you don’t need to operate in eight bit increments.

Updated: December 11, 2018 — 8:12 pm

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