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Instead of viewing weight problems as being an issue by itself, chinese medicine (TCM) sees it as being an indicator of the underlying disorder. The build-from fat is related to overall bodily disharmony as a result of disruptions within the natural flows from the body’s powers, which is called qi – the vital energy or existence pressure important our body’s processes and well-being.

It facilitates the correct functioning of organs, promotes the healthy formation and circulation of bloodstream and props up metabolic process of fluids. When qi is disrupted, the functions of a number of organs is going to be affected, resulting in the buildup and stagnation of dampness and phlegm.

In TCM, fat is observed because of accrued phlegm and internal dampness. One common body metabolic rate or inherent problem resulting in putting on weight is qi deficiency, mainly in the spleen and stomach systems. Deficiency in qi will slow the metabolic process of fat and water, resulting in bloating along with a flabby body.

As a result of decreased metabolic process rate, individuals with qi deficiency find it hard to slim down while they are exercising and dieting. Additionally they tend to be affected by other issues, for example fatigue and digestive issues. TCM physicians will assess them making a diagnosis on their own bodies’ metabolic rate.

A customised plan for treatment will be suggested to balance your body and rectify any disharmony within the organ systems. Treatment includes acupuncture, cupping, herbal prescriptions and lifestyle recommendations. The main reasons for these imbalances need to be addressed to resolve being weight loss singapore.

In TCM, the spleen and stomach would be the primary organs accountable for digestion. Overeating may modify the digestive organs and disrupt their normal functions. When these organs fail to handle extra load, problems for example poor digestion, slow metabolic process, food stagnation, internal phlegm and dampness may follow.

To stimulate the secretion of digestive fluids and break lower fatty substances, consume unripe orange, hawthorn berry, rangoon creeper fruit, radish seeds and tangerine peel. A bloated appearance, puffiness and putting on weight may result from fluid retention in your body. One method to eliminate excessive water or dampness would be to take herbs that creates peeing, for example coix barley, red bean, inula flower, plantain seeds, grain bean, senna leaf and white-colored atractylodes.

Starting to warm up your body by exercising or food will also help to solve bloating and dampness. Herbs with warm or hot energy along with a pungent taste can warm your body, increase perspiration and induce peeing. Cinnamon bark, ginger root, areca peel and unripe orange are generally employed for these purposes.

Updated: October 23, 2018 — 7:16 am

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