The Best Mattress for a Good Night’s Sleep

Which mattress is right for you?

Finding the right mattress does not mean finding the most technical brand or using more money. “Much more expensive mattresses do not necessarily mean that it is better,” Decker says. High price is both products entering the mattress and marketing that will help to sell it.

Rather than focus on price and brand name, think about what you want on mattress. “Choosing a mattress is a very personal thing, then see singapore pocket spring mattress

Though the type of mattress does not have much of scientific evidence to show you that you will help other better sleep, people with certain medical conditions look more like at home to certain types of mattresses . People with neck and back pain need to adopt the Goldilocks approach when purchasing mattresses.

“If you are on a mattress that is too soft, you will begin to sink below, but will put too much pressure behind the shoulder and head over the hard sacrum on the mattress,” Howard Levy, MD, Emory’s Assistant professor, Orthopedic Surgery, Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation University.

Memory foam means poor permeability and tends to get hot. People are slow to recover from pressure, in addition to not hitting grooves made in their bodies and bouncing (bad for sex) when they change their sleeping position . Casper’s solution: layer a 1.5 inch latex foam over the memory foam. “The combination of latex form and memory form will provide the best of everything,” Krim explains. “While circulating air, it gives you a pleasing bed when you have your traditional elasticity, but it reduces the pressure point and the body contour.”

Casper’s mattress is very flexible and folds into a box that is small enough to fit in the car’s trunk. The machine at the end of assembly compresses the mattress into the shape of “W” and the special sleeve continues to compress until it is not removed from the package. With this approach, Casper can transport mattresses continuously through UPS no matter where in the US or Canada. In New York, the company offers delivery on the same day on a bicycle messenger.

Casper began a $ 1.85 million round by Lerer Hippeau Ventures in April 2014. In the first ten months the income reached $ 20 million. Last August, the company announced $ 13.1 million in Series A led by NEA with other participants, including Ron Conway and SV Angel of Grade Investment Ashton Kutcher.

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